Thursday, 30 October 2014

Be Afraid....Be Very Afraid!
With Hallowe'en approaching tomorrow, there has been a wealth of posts and tweets about ghost stories and collections being published around this time. My author copies of 'The Day Death Wore Boots', the anthology in which I have my story, 'Rock-a-Bye Baby', published by Alfie Dog Fiction, are being dispatched today and will hopefully arrive on October 31st itself. For me, the cover superbly evokes a spooky atmosphere just right for Hallowe'en by containing images of a full moon, gravestones, a bat, the silhouette of a bird - maybe a crow - and tree branches in silhouette.

All this week, you may read another of Susan Jones's Redington serials on Creative Frontiers entitled 'Midnight on Colley Hill'. Tomorrow's instalment will end with a witch-watch at the top of the hill. 

On her blog this week, Evonne Wareham has detailed 'A Little Something for Hallowe'en?' where she and other ChocLit authors have produced a round-robin story. The result involves spells, musketeers, magic..

The Write Romantics have produced this collection of thirteen tales, each with a spooky twist. It has been described as creepy rather than gory which is what I prefer. For me, creating atmosphere and suspense can be more frightening than detailed bloody scenes. There's even a Hocus Pocus '14 Facebook party tomorrow from 10 am until 9 pm and the e-book is free until 1st November.

Samantha Bacchus has a story in 'Out Of Darkness', an anthology by The Short Story Group, where you can 'escape from reality and plunge into a dark world...' Download it FREE on Amazon.

Ghost stories have been defined as 'having supernatural or frightening elements' often featuring 'ghosts or spirits of the dead'. Throughout the history of literature there have been echoes of haunted houses, family curses, physical disturbances such as loud noises or objects being moved around without explanation. 

Have you written a ghost story recently? What was it about and what inspired you to write the story? Please leave a comment about what makes a good ghost story for you. 

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P.S. I may be very quiet on here for the next four Thursdays when I attempt to participate in NaNoWriMo. Will keep you updated!


  1. I like reading and writing ghost stories. The type I prefer are the non scary ones - either just plain fun, or ones where the ghost is a good guy, or ones where we're not quite sure if there really was a ghost or not.

    That cover for The Day Death Wore Boots is great isn't it?

    1. Patsy, I agree with your last point that when we're not really sure if there was a ghost it can almost scare us more. Our imaginations can run away with us! Yes, I love the cover of 'The Day Death Wore Boots', too. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I dabbled in writing a ghost story as part of a course. I actually really enjoyed exploring the dark side and will most definitely do it again. My inspriation for that one came from an experience my brother had when house hunting. He walked into a house and saw an angry looking figure of a lady dressed in grey standing on the stairs. He didn't step a foot further into the spooky place. It knocked him for six. Wishing you lots of luck with NaNoWriMo.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Nicola. As well as the ghost story in the Alfie Dog collection, I've written a few ghost stories and like you I've enjoyed writing them. Your brother's story reminds me of a Flash Fiction story I wrote called 'The House Viewing'. A young couple were confronted with a spectre of a woman who was coming down the stairs towards them. They couldn't get out of there quick enough! Mine wasn't based on a true story though! Thank you for commenting.