Friday, 7 January 2022

 Looking Forward

The blog is eight years old this January and although it's changed over the years as my writing journey has progressed, I still like to set myself some goals for the coming twelve months. Whereas back in 2014, they were very specific and related to short stories and writing competitions, now they relate more to my novels and writing in general. I came across a blog post, New Year Writing Inspiration and Prompt Challenge, written by Katie Smart, on a newsletter from Curtis Brown and it resonated with me. You may read it HERE. I'm going to use three of the points made as part of my list of goals for this year:

  • Set myself a 'BIG' goal for the year -  I intend to get fully immersed in writing the first draft of novel four after having completed some planning and research before Christmas. I need to start writing! One way that works for me is to set myself some smaller targets within the big goal. All three of Katie Smart's suggestions - word count targets, sticking to a writing routine or taking a writing course to help me on the way - appeal to me. I'd already  enrolled on a Life-Long Learning Writing Historical Fiction course at Cardiff University and know I'll be able to link the assignments and homework to my novel in progress.
  • Develop a Writing Routine - This is something I need to work on. I often leave too long a gap in between writing sessions and my writing output becomes erratic. Then, It's hard to hold your novel in your head, says Smart, and I need to try to regularise my writing and decide on a schedule. But it won't be 'the famous dawn session that many people wake up to each day'.
  • Read Widely - I'm quite a slow reader as I only tend to read every night in bed but this year, I intend to find time to sit down in the day and read then, too. As well as reading within my own historical and family story genre, Smart recommends reading outside it as well to '...note how language and sound are used for effect in poetry, how worlds are constructed for effect in fantasy, how suspense is created in crime/thrillers...' I do try to read other genres but if I'm honest I seem to be drawn to novels that I would have loved to have written myself. 
My other goals include:
  • continuing with the blog. There were eighteen blog posts this year, down on 2020, I'm afraid, but I was pleased to welcome eight guests to ask them abour their new publications. I've been fortunate in having been supported by other writers and I enjoy being able to reciprocate when I can. Besides, it's always interesting to hear the inspiration behind their stories. 
  • continuing to enjoy my writing and learn more about the craft. As well as the historical fiction course mentioned earlier, I shall enjoy working with Jenny Kane again on a new Imagine Writing Course. I get so much out of her sessions and know it's going to impact on my WiP.
Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading and your loyal support. I hope that you achieve your writing goals in 2022. I'd love it if you shared them on here. Thanks. 

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