Wednesday 15 November 2017

A Break From NaNoWriMo
Today is half way through the month and it's looking very unlikely that I will achieve my goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Last night my total stood at 18, 241 words and if I carry on as I am I will reach my target on December 9th! I shall do everything I can to close the gap but I know there's a lot on in the next few days and life gets in the way. 

Last Sunday was the first and only day so far when I didn't write at all. I had a good reason. I attended the annual launch of Worcestershire LitFest & Fringe Flash Fiction anthology to read out my piece that had been shortlisted back in June and included in the collection. It was held in the Drummonds Bar of the The Swan With Two Nicks in Worcester, reputed to be the oldest pub in the city. This was my fourth visit and my flash fiction stories have appeared in each anthology since 2014. This year, instead of my hubbie coming along to support me, I was accompanied by writing buddy, Helen Beckett, who had three pieces included in the anthology, including two that had been shortlisted. Congratulations, Helen!

Photo courtesy of Polly Stretton and Black Pear Press

Photo courtesy of Polly Stretton and Black Pear Press

Nothing beats listening to a story being read by the author him/herself and this year was no exception. There was a huge range of subject matter. The event was ably organised as always by Polly Stretton. The event celebrates the genre of Flash Fiction.

"Flash fiction is a difficult craft to master. The best flashes have to invite one into another world, intrigue us, make us wonder . . . in three hundred words or fewer! We want to understand the characters, learn about their lives and feel their emotions . . . Every word must count, and what is not said is as important as what is."  

Here are Helen and myself reading out our pieces. We were both nervous but hoped it didn't show. The audience was very supportive as always. 

The anthology, entitled 'Wired' after the winning story of the same name by Christine Griffin, is well worth a read. You may buy it HERE:

So, how is NaNo going? It was back to the novel for me on Monday. Having written something every day beforehand, I found I could easily return to my characters and immerse myself in the story without that 'starting again' feeling. Having NaNo buddies is a wonderful support as well and it helps when you see that they have life distractions, too. All our situations are very different but we all seem to agree that we have written more in the last fortnight because of our commitment to the project. I have more days ahead when I shan't be able to write but I hope to make a concerted effort on other days to close the gap. Will I reach my goal by November 30th? We'll have to see.

How about you? Are you participating this year? If so, are you happy with the writing you've produced so far? Are you itching to stop and edit? I'd love to hear about what NaNo is like for you. 

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