Thursday, 10 July 2014

Writing Styles
This week I have been writing. After the recent disappointment of a few returned stories, I decided to pick myself, dust myself down and start all over again! 

I submitted a 500 word entry to a Flash Fiction Competition and a short story to the on-going competition in 'Writers' Forum'. 

Tonight, I submitted a story on the theme of 'Summer' for Issue 2 of Firewords Quarterly . It is described as 'an independent literary magazine packed full of powerful fiction and poetry - all enhanced by bold design.'  I particularly like the colour illustrations and art work that accompanies the wide range of stories and poems. It is a relatively recent project that is giving a voice to new writers.

I have also returned to my novel this week and plan to look at my womag rejects with the view to editing and rewriting them over the next few days. 

How can we as writers adapt our writing for the various differing remits and yet still stay true to our own style?

A short story intended for a woman's magazine is very different to one written for a literary journal or a competition entry. Even the women's magazines themselves are very different. On Susan Jane Jones's Blog this week, she interviews Wendy Clarke who explains how the style of Woman's Weekly, Take a Break Fiction Feast and The People's Friend all differ and can determine where she sends a particular story.

If you write for commercial magazines and have also been successful in winning competitions, I'd love to hear about how you approach them differently?

Thank you for reading my blog. Good luck to everyone in this coming week whether you are submitting stories to women's magazines, literary journals, competitions or continuing to write more chapters of your novel! 

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  1. Hi Jan, good for you to keep on writing, it's what you do and you're good at it. Thanks for the link as well, you're a pal. xx

    1. Thanks, Sue. You're always so encouraging especially at the 'R' times!

  2. I have so many myself Jan, it's not personal, only wrong place, wrong time.. xx

  3. Well done on a productive week Jan! It's really interesting how you learn to adapt to the different markets. I am still trying to 'adapt' to The People's Friend style and so far that has been elusive, but I will keep trying - one day they will give in ;)
    Thanks for the link, Wendy is certainly someone to aspire to. Glad you have returned to your novel - how is it going?

    1. Still going round in circles and finding things like short stories to write and edit to get in the way. ;-) Your challenge today to get your first draft finished by August 7th is great! You managed to publish your short story anthology alongside writing the novel so how did you 'switch hats'?