Thursday, 20 February 2014

To Blog or Not to Blog....?
.....That was the question for me at the end of last year. Two months on, did I do the right thing?

Some of you will have joined in a 'Chain-Blog-Thingy' back in November/December. It was started by Patsy Collins and involved putting a link to her blog, answering four writing questions, then putting the links to three more bloggers who would answer the questions the following week and pass it on in turn. I enjoyed reading the varied answers to the same questions on the blogs I read but I wasn't able to take part because a didn't have a blog at the time.

Because I was undecided, I asked writer friends what they thought were the benefits of writing a blog. 

- Writing a blog would help me become part of a community where I'll 'meet' other writers, readers and bloggers.

- A blog would give me an on-line presence and my blog posts would be shared without any geographical restraints.

- When (note the presumptuous 'when' and not the cautious 'if'!) I am to get my writing published, any prospective agent or publisher would expect me to have an on-line presence.

- A blog would educate me about the online world. I would learn more about social media and blog promotion as I learn to effectively promote my posts via social media.

- Writing a regular blog post would increase my writing output especially if I set aside a specific time each week.

- Writing a blog would take time away from writing short stories and especially my novel.

- It would be difficult to think of new things to write about each week.

- There are so many blogs out there with which to compete  that a new blogger would find it difficult to attract readers.

Well,  as you can see I went with the 'pros'. I've set aside time each Thursday to write my blog and far from keeping me away from writing, I think I've actually done more! It keeps me more focused on all things writing and my contact with other writing bloggers has inspired me to keep writing and submitting stories.  This blog is about my writing journey after all.

On Twitter, I have many more followers than when I started and my interaction with other writers has definitely increased. I can't say that this is down to having a blog but I'm sure having a web link to the blog spot on my profile page has helped. 

In the March edition of 'Writing Magazine', Wendy Clarke has written a very interesting piece entitled '@ Be a good blog host' which I recommend for those of you who haven't read it yet. Once I've been doing this for a while, I'll follow Wendy's advice when I invite one of you to be a guest on my blog perhaps! 

In the mean time, I shall....

What benefits have you had since you started writing a blog? 

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  1. The pros and cons for me are the same as yours. Feeling like part of a community is the main benefit for me.

    1. I definitely feel like that now, Patsy. It was your 'Chain-Blog-Thingy' that started me thinking so thanks! :-)

  2. For me I think of blogging not as taking away from my writing but enhancing it. It's nice to have a new outlet for writing and you end up being more inspired by having a blog than not having one.
    Good luck on your new journey.

    1. Thanks, Natalie. I'm certainly glad I made the decision to start one. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. Hi Jan, I think you've succinctly listed the pros & cons of blogging. I find it has made my writing voice more conversational. Plus you do meet some very supportive writers out there - all on similar journeys. I have to admit, the day I post (edit, tweek, edit, tweek) I don't write so much - lots of coffee, tweeting, checking for comments etc. But I agree, the pros win!
    Good luck with your novel.

    1. Thanks, Teagan. Great to have your thoughts. I can relate to your comments regarding the post day - yes lots of coffee, time on Twitter, checking for comments, I do all of those too! - but then that's often when I find new blogs to follow like yours. I shall enjoy reading the posts each week now I've found it. :-)