Tuesday, 3 August 2021

 Novel Three

Today was the cover reveal of my third novel, Her Nanny's Secret. It will be published on Tuesday 7th September, five weeks today. 

I'm delighted that the images on the front of the book give a hint of the era and what lies between its pages. As with my first two novels, it's another dual narrative. Annie and Clara's stories will take you from the heart of beautiful rural mid-Wales to Normandy in Northern France. 

I imagined Mary-Ann, known as Annie, to look exactly like the image on the cover. She is the only daughter of Ted and the late Nell Beynon. 

She had auburn wavy hair and hazel eyes that appeared to change from green to nut-brown depending on whatever colour she was wearing.

After her youngest brother, Reggie, enlists to fight for King and country in 1941, Annie applies to replace him as a groom at Cefn Court, a large country house very much like the one on the cover of the book. Her brother was responsible for Kenna, an elegant chestnut mare belonging to Mr Edmund, the son of Sir Charles and Lady Delia Pryce.

She had been born in one of the stables there at Cefn Court on one of the most magnificent red sunsets Radnor had ever known, so Reggie said, and it was right that they had given her a name meaning “born of fire”.

Will Annie get the position of groom in spite of the fact she's a girl? Why and how does she become a nanny? I'd love to think you'll read the novel to find out, discover the secrets that were kept for over twenty years and why she travels to France in 1963.

In the weeks before publication day, I shall be posting images and snippets of the novel to hopefully whet your appetite for a story that I enjoyed writing. 

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Thank you if you do. 

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